Alexanders is one of Scotland's last remaining of the pioneering woollen mills that was established around the time of the Industrial Revolution. We are still a family owned business, now in its 7th generation, with a direct lineage since it's inception 200 years ago by Thomas Smith in 1818. 

We manufacture woollen fabrics for fashion and interiors. We are best known for our Shetland and Lambswool qualities - the depth of colours and the three-dimensional character that produces our unique Scottish look. We are noted world-wide for our colour interpretation and justifiably recognised as "The Colours of Scotland".

Our fabrics are universally recognised as being unique to Alexanders, mainly for the exceptional heather melange shades unique to us. This is as a result of our yarn production - we also make our own yarns, still in our mill in Scotland, some exclusive to Alexanders.

Not all weavers do this! Some preferring to buy cheaper copies from abroad, and only weaving it in the UK. We see no sense in this and prefer to keep it authentic by ensuring production remains 100% UK made.

We have 1000's of new and historic designs available from 280-680 gms., and can develop exclusive qualities and designs as required.